About us


Being a company where sustainable fashion designers, distributors and customers can rely on our handmade products and customer service.
Also developing exclusive designs with the brand of our customers or being supplier of sustainable fashion (ethical fashion products), with our brand.

Making a social impact and promoting the ancestral mayan techniques of the pedal loom and backstrap loom that our amazing weavers made in different regions of Guatemala.
Giving them in that way a sustainable income to avoid step by step the poverty and improving lives in the weavers communities from Guatemala.

Being a formal and legally established Supplier to help and resolve the constraints related to organization, structure, production capacity, quality control and logistics to meet the demand for handmade products.


In Artisanshop we are focused and committed to customer needs by developing products with export quality, environmentally friendly, handmade.

 Promoting the development of communities of artisans who work with us, guaranteeing quality, exclusive design and product development.